Write a press release for new product launch objectives

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Write a press release for new product launch objectives

How to Write a Press Release to Launch a New Product by Sarah Kuta - Updated November 21, When a company launches a new product, it's important to get the word out to consumers, investors and other stakeholders.

One way to spread the news is to write a press release announcing the product's launch. While press releases are generally sent to members of the news media, they can also be useful ways to communicate company news to other stakeholders, including employees, customers and stockholders.

What Is a Press Release? A press release is a form of written communication produced by a company announcing some piece of news.

11 Steps to Writing a Press Release (Samples Included)

Besides announcing the release of a new product, a company might issue a press release to share the results of a quarterly earnings report or to announce that a new CEO has been hired.

A press release typically includes the following components: A compelling headline Quotes from company officials Instructions for getting more information. While press releases are generally sent to news publications, they can also be shared directly with a company's stakeholder groups, usually by publishing the press release on the company's website.

Press releases are often written by a company's communications director or by a public relations firm. Writing the Heading and Body Begin by writing down the basics: Write in an easy-to-read style, avoiding jargon and acronyms that might confuse the reader.

Keep the press release short and to the point, writing an excellent summary of the product launch announcement. The toy allows kids ages three and up to transform a four-door car into a ferocious dinosaur.

4 Reasons You Should Write Press Releases

The media should be able to publish directly from the main body of your press release so it's not appropriate to insert opinions. Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Add Color Through Quotes One way you can introduce opinions is by including quotes from company leaders if appropriate, as well as any hyperlinks, photos, videos, charts and other visuals that might be helpful for understanding the announcement.

At the bottom of the press release, you should include contact information for the company official who can take further questions regarding the new product. For example, "If you'd like to learn more about the transformer or demo the toy, call our public relations department at Distributing a Press Release It's important to consider the mechanism for distributing your announcement to the media and stakeholders.

Today, most companies send press releases via email, though some send press releases through the mail or via fax. Consider the many stakeholder groups you wish to reach with the press release and how best to communicate with them. Options include sending a company-wide email to alert employees to the news, adding the press release to the company's website or blog or posting it to the company's social media platforms.A product press release is critical to inform journalists and customers about your exciting new offerings.

A professional document designed to be picked up by reporters, a press release is a fantastic way to drive attention to your new product and create a social dynamic that’s ripe for sales.

write a press release for new product launch objectives

Sep 07,  · Three Parts: Identifying the Product’s Unique Selling Point Writing the Key Elements of a Product Press Release Publishing and Promoting Your Product Press Release Community Q&A. Use a product press release to inform both the press and any other potentially interested parties about a new product.

Throughout the press release, 68%(35). 11 Steps to Writing a Press Release (Samples Included) Whether you run a digital marketing company or a record label, press releases are critical. Ideal for notifying the media and your readers that something new and exciting has taken place within your company, press releases can be used to announce new hires, partnerships, product launches, and more.

Top 40 Press Release Examples from the Pros By Anna Dizon on February 5, | Marketing, Online Marketing, Press Releases | Comments (23) While writing a good press release is more of an art than a science, there . Easy to follow press release format, templates, and press release examples.

Want to know how to write a press release? You are in the right place. Easy to follow press release format, templates, and press release examples. New Product Launch Press Release Example: The Biggest Loser Trainer, Pauline Nordin Launches a New Brand .

If you’re new to press release writing and want to master this art, read our 4-step guide. 3 Reasons Writing a Press Release is Still Relevant Marketers use a wide variety of tools to grab attention in the current environment, but press releases are still unquestionably a viable form of communication.

How to Write a Product Press Release: 13 Steps (with Pictures)