The use of nature in the poems tantramar revisited and heat

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The use of nature in the poems tantramar revisited and heat

One may admit this, however, and still argue that the poem requires further critical discussion. A reader of my essay will benefit by having a text of the poem at hand; the version in W.

It is designed of course to afford some relief from the monotonously majestic stride of the hexameter and allow the poet to escape into plainer cadences.

The difficult metre, with its alternating hexameter and pentameter lines, is particularly noteworthy, for rarely has this elegiac measure, so popular with Ovid, been used in English. In his last essay on RobertsProfessor Pacey offers a slightly different description of the verse-form: The poem is written in the classical elegiac metre, in alternate dactylic hexameters and pentameters which had been recently employed by Clough, Arnold and Longfellow.

Later writers, with the exception of William Strong, have either ignored the verse-form or referred to it in very general terms. The point is a good one, but it still does not provide us with a sufficiently accurate description of how Roberts has handled the verse-form of his poem.

Skirting the sunbright uplands stretches a riband of meadow, Shorn of the labouring grass, bulwarked well from the sea, Fenced on its seaward border with long clay dikes from the turbid Surge and flow of the tides vexing the Westmoreland shores.

There is nothing like this in Evangeline, where we find an unvarying succession of trochees. Yet her own is no more accurate. The regular form of the elegiac couplet would, therefore, appear as the following arrangement of long and short syllables: Yet even if we allow for such substitutions, we cannot argue that Roberts was writing quantitative verse.

Difficulties begin with the first four lines. Classical measure does not permit such arbitrary alterations of quantity as would be required to regularize the line. A similar problem occurs in the fourth foot of the second line. What we might do to regularize the second foot of the fourth line I do not know, and later lines in the poem produce even more serious problems: We surely cannot argue that the first two feet of this line are spondaic.

If we argue that Roberts has adapted quantitative measure to English poetry in the customary fashion, by substituting accented syllables for long ones and unaccented for short, we are no better off.

The use of nature in the poems tantramar revisited and heat

Although the line just quoted does have six accents, it is lacking three unaccented syllables. Other lines would give us similar difficulties: The second line is, as well, predominantly trochaic."Most of the nature poetry in Roberts’s New York Nocturnes and Other Poems () was written before he moved to New York.

It belongs to a period of upheaval, desperation and overwork, which may at least partly account for its disappointing Rating: % positive. Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts, KCMG FRSC (January 10, – November 26, ) was a Canadian poet and prose writer.

He was one of the first Canadian authors to be internationally known. He published various works on Canadian exploration and natural history, verse, travel books, and fiction.". Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Originally published as “Westmoreland Revisited” in , “The Tantramar Revisited” () uses Ovid’s “elegiac metre” (Roberts , ) while also responding to such later British and American poets as Arthur Hugh Clough, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Sidney Lanier, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Roberts' "Tantramar Revisited": Another View