Learning and teaching using mobile phones

Background[ edit ] Mobile learning is the delivery of learning, education or learning support on mobile phones, PDAs or tablets.

Learning and teaching using mobile phones

For the past 5 years, the year teaching veteran has worked to transition his ninth-grade World History and AP Government classrooms into a mobile device-friendly environment where students can incorporate the latest technology into the learning process.

Ken Halla with students. And with over 50 percent of mobile phone users in America now using smartphones, the numbers only seems to be growing.

What is TBL?

Ensuring it stays academic Many teachers have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to phones out during class, since they assume—most of the time correctly—that their students are using them to text friends or update their various social media sites.

Use smartphones to stay organized and assess learning A great app for keeping students on top of their work is Remindwhere students voluntarily sign up to receive a text reminder when they have an upcoming assignment due.

Teachers can set up a question or questions based on what the students are currently learning in class, and then provide them with a text number.

President and the history of the White House; U. Constitution, so students can have easy access to one of the most important American documents; and many others that are designed to provide students with further classroom support.

While not all apps are available on Android devices, the large majority of them can be accessed on iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

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He was surprised to discover that his students are quieter and more focused on their assignments when they are allowed to listen to their music during individual classwork—provided they use headphones and the music is not too loud to distract their classmates.

That way, they can stay focused on their work without the distracting need to find a new song every few minutes. After all, not all learning can be done digitally—but Halla says that teachers have to adapt to the changing times and find a way to successfully incorporate these devices into their own classrooms.Most time spent using the mobile phones included one-on-one communication with trainees in other schools to discuss the content of the program, demonstrating that the curriculum design promoted learning by enhancing interaction and collaboration between teacher trainees and by encouraging debate and deliberation regarding course ideas and their.

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M-learning or mobile learning is "learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal electronic devices".

[1]: page 4 A form of distance education, m-learners use mobile device educational technology at their time convenience.

Learning and teaching using mobile phones

Mobile Phones: Better Learning Tools than Computers? Wayan Vota. From the beginning of the computer age, scientists, educators, and policy makers have looked at the computer as an agent of change in education.

Locking up devices because we fear they'll distract from learning is the exact opposite direction I want to see education heading.

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Cell phones and mobile devices are lifelines that enable us to teach the life skills our students will need long after they leave our classrooms. In this study, we examined the impact of mobile phone usage, during class lecture, on student learning.

Participants in three different study groups (control, low-distraction, and high-distraction) watched a video lecture, took notes on that lecture, and took two learning .

Do mobile devices in the classroom really improve learning outcomes?