Internship report on generalbanking ofjanata bank

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Internship report on generalbanking ofjanata bank

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Submission of Internship Report. This report has been prepared to fulfill the requirement of my internship program. This is an excellent source of opportunity for me to acquaint more closely withthe organization.

I have myutmost effort to reflect experience, skill and knowledge, which I acquired at thetime of working at NCC Bank. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for kind guidance andsuggestions in preparing the report.

All of my efforts will be successful if youfind this report useful and serve its purpose.

INTERNSHIP REPORT in Prime Bank for Asian University of Edited Janata Bank Report. Final Internship Report on Ific Bank. Internship JBL. Report Bcbl. General banking department is that department which is mostly exposed to the maximum number of bank customers. Cash department. Hence. All Concerned are requested to contact at the following address to resolve any problem related to foreign Remittance." Deputy General Manager Overseas Banking Department Janata Bank Limited Head Office Motijheel C/A. Dhaka Overseas Banking Department Janata Bank Limited, Head Office, , Motijheel C/A, Dhaka Today I just collect the required information for my weekly and final report from all of the employees in bank including the manager. The only new task I did today was that I put stamps and issue a /- rupee travelers cheque book to the customer.

I have tried my best to explaineverything related with the report. Khirul Basar MimRegistration No: This report is prepared by Khirul Basar Mim, Examination roll no: But beginning I want to convey my sincereappreciation to almighty Allah for giving me strength and the ability to finishthe task within the planned time.

General Banking & Accounts Department - Mutual Trust Bank Ltd

Then I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributestowards preparing this report successfully. Major contribution was receivedfrom the officers of National credit and Commerce Bank Limited as fromdepartment of general banking, credit and foreign exchange.

Internship report on generalbanking ofjanata bank

First of all I would like to express sincere and immense gratitude to myinternship supervisor M. I am deeply indebted to his heartedsupervision, suggestion and guideline to prepare this report.

I would like to give specially thanks to Md.Provides Free Project Paper, Internship Report, Annual Report, Case Analysis, Financial Software Written by Students of Public and Private Universities of Bangladesh. DISCLAIMER: The creator of this page takes no responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this site.

An internship report entitle "AN INTERNSHIP REPORT ON SANIMA BANK LIMITED" has been prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of the project report of BBA-BI 6th Semester. The study shows the importance of the internship program.

Internship report on generalbanking ofjanata bank

report is prepared for the internship program consisting of a major in depth study of the total banking business of Southeast Bank Ltd. Practical knowledge is fundamental for the application of theoretical intelligence. Responsibility at Janata Bank Nepal Ltd: Reviewing of Credit files send by the Branch offices Credit Risk Analysis Check compliance with NRB Directives and other applicable statutes.

This report is a partial requirement of the internship phase of BBA program.

Foreign Remittance

The topic of the report is, Training and evaluation process in Pubali Bank Limited. Pubali Bank Limited is the largest Commercial Bank in Private. This report is an attempt to reflect the position of Janata Bank Limited in the banking industry procedures, policies and activities with emphasis on foreign exchange business.

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