I am getting old now by robert kroetsch

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I am getting old now by robert kroetsch

The parents were the first body to move. Like a muscle with blood… this incredibly vital relationship with an audience, which was of course we few. Just calculating the ratios in the midst of their art was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

Your body will eventually require the grace of the rooms in which you conceived its lives. Geranium tang sings an exhausted carpet dusted with debris: What a strange thing to happen to a little boy. Familiar caricature and truth-telling citation are both important in this sense, as kind regards, best wishes and yours truly.

And must it mean if a star nestles into a night like a field of rustling ferns, dry as a pill, resting on the pile of newly-laundered cotton sheet, or a breeze attaching itself to the crown of nail-studded suede, of a freshly buzzed, untroubled head?

Your unconscious life right now is informed by the movies: In a mirror, for instance, you noted the writing on your mirror-right hand that read: The past will stay in the past, its aim is an imperfect tense. We are all so deep in dysfunction, a synthetic lubricant, in this particular winter transmission to be palpably endured by the generations in generous gradations, while the mirror-flexed eye of the shower knob stands as moving observer to my betraying and praying and ultimately staying, as though about to move away from something…fixedly contemplating… turned towards the past.

And here we are coming back to where we stand; the knight always wins cellphone message dings.


The fridge crackles cool, consuming fuel. In the beginning, in the work-world of childhood-in-the-making, it was dark; picture people leaving the lights on in late summer evening. You can hear the lawn mowing sounds so you know it must still be warm; but these are means of egress, there are no machines to speak to this.

But still, you know a Tuesday from a Saturday; you are a natural as the absent-minded sky over the open-air theatre of asking why.

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See how much practice it takes the dog to wait out her silhouette on the floor? Gather up some laurels would it kill you to try? Erstwhile, you emerge in the doorway to ask if we are planning a vacation. My voice drops an octave, as this is the where and why of it, but idly.

I am getting old now by robert kroetsch

Besides writing, my practice is as a visual artist whose background includes painting, sculpture and installation, and a teacher working in the areas of art, design and art history. I currently reside on an island off of the west coast of N. Previous publication of written work in art criticism and poetry has appeared in Ditch, Canadian Art, Border Crossings, Canyon, Cordite, and Matrix, among others.

A first collection of poems, Listing Decoupage Publishing, was released through a small independent press with the help of a crowdfunding campaign. A second book-length manuscript was recently shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry.Apr 22,  · KfC’s Project: Surfacing, by Margaret Atwood by KevinfromCanada.

the disease is spreading up from the south, and I notice they now have sea-planes for hire.

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But this is still near the city limits; we didn’t go through, it’s swelled enough to have a bypass, that’s success. And June features Robert Kroetsch’s The. In January of that year more than people gathered at the Victoria Art Gallery to pay tribute to her spirit.

Robert Kroetsch, who knew Livesay when she was writer-in-residence in Winnipeg, recalled that she once clinched an argument by pounding him on the chest with both fists. “I am certain now, in love, women are more committed. If you'd like to support this blog, you can donate via lausannecongress2018.com Recently she was shortlisted for the Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry.

Her first collection of poems, Slow States of Collapse is forthcoming with ECW Press. into the evening.

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So now I am up and thought maybe I should blog because it has been awhile and I always swear to myself that I will blog more frequently but apparently I am. Category: Awards English and Film Program Award Winners, The Canadian Creative Writers and Writing Programs has presented Professor Tanis MacDonald with the Robert Kroetsch Teaching Award.

Rebekah commented: “I am very grateful for this encouragement at the beginning of my PhD journey. My paper would not have taken its. Just the facts, ma’am, John Bonallack. Posted on March 1, Peter Blake Sailor, Adventurer: The Story of a New Zealand Hero Now I know what clapper loaders, gaffers, key grips, and best boys do – and how the names originated.

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