How the book of revelation presents jesus christ in a completely different light not a lamb anymore

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How the book of revelation presents jesus christ in a completely different light not a lamb anymore

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The sense may be subjective, i.

How the book of revelation presents jesus christ in a completely different light not a lamb anymore

Or the force could be objective—a revelation about Christ. In some situations, if the larger context justifies it, the genitive may carry both subjective and objective senses, in which case it is called a plenary genitive. It certainly is clear that the messages of this inspired book issue from our Lord In this article we will address some of the rewarding truths about our Lord set forth in this book.

For instance the Lord exclaims: Without question this is an affirmation of deity as expressed in eternal terms. How blighted is the one who contends for the latter. Several important expressions strike the reader.

He is faithful in character and true in his teaching. Second, Christ did not subscribe to the theories that the universe is eternal, or that it is a self-caused accident; it is a creation in time.

Third, the preincarnate Word affirmed his active role in the creation process cf. In this context it denotes the cause or source by which something was begun Thayer77; Balz and Scheider It is one of the tragedies of theological history that some cultists e.

Even the liberal scholar William Barclay repudiated such a view. Additionally, the prophets of the Old Testament indicated that the Messiah would descend from David.

That the context has an ultimate reference to Christ is confirmed by the book of Hebrews 1: This is a very significant descriptive. The root is the source from which a plant springs. The term is used metaphorically for the fact that the preincarnate Word John 1: Both verbs are perfect tense forms, suggesting the abiding effects of the actions.

Twenty-eight times in this document Jesus is portrayed as a lamb.

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Elsewhere those purchased with his blood are designated as the church Acts This is symbolized by robes made white in the blood of the sacrifice 7: The cleansing is effected when one obeys the gospel plan of salvation; specifically when one is united with Christ in water baptism Acts The songs recorded in 5: Note the following facts: How utterly baseless is the misguided theory that Christ may not be directly worshipped either by prayer or song!

His garment is red with the blood of his enemies cf. Isaiah 63 from which the imagery is borrowed. By his word he smites the rebel nations and breaks them with his rod of iron cf.

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His enemies will feel the fierceness of his wrath and find no relief ever after cf. Clearly this final book of the New Testament is very much about Christ, as well as being conveyed by him. Study it and be rewarded by it.Revelation is first and foremost a revelation about Jesus Christ ().

The book depicts Him as the risen, glorified Son of God ministering among the churches (ff). As "The faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth" ();. In the book of Revelation, the image of Jesus the Lamb is at His marriage, and His bride is the church.

Interestingly, it was at a marriage that Jesus first displayed His glory (), and it will be at a marriage, His own marriage, that He will finally display it in all its effulgent splendor.

So the creed presents it simply but profoundly: “We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father.

Jesus is the Light. Somehow, all three are present in these lamps (Spirit), that illuminate. I would like to mention here that Revelation is not written in chronological order.

He is the Lamb, which points to His first the book of Revelation, we can see not just Jesus’ two-apartment min-istry but the crucial and comforting fact that events in heaven and earth are linked. Even amid the trials of history and the last days as depicted stood as (1) “the revelation from Jesus Christ”or (2) “the revelation.

The Book of Revelation was the last New Testament book to be written. Place John was on the Island of Patmos ‘in the Spirit’ on the Lord’s day, when he received this ‘revelation of Jesus Christ’.

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