Erik vance freelance science writer

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Erik vance freelance science writer

Certainly you can lose pounds on this low-calorie diet. So yes, short-term veganism may work for purposes of cleansing or healing from illness or disease.

However, this restricted diet was never, ever meant to be a long-term lifestyle. Missing Nutrients in Plants Nutrient deficiencies can take years to reveal themselves and by then any damage to your health can be severe or even permanent.

These include vitamin B12, vitamin D3, retinol true vitamin Ataurine a functional nutrientcarnitine, carnosine, heme iron, creatine, conjugated linoleic acid CLAand the long-chain fatty acid DHA.

New nutrients and co-factors are continually being discovered, and isolated supplements can never replace the complex synergy of whole foods. Eating a wide variety of organic, whole, real foods from both plants and animals—as all the longest-living populations on earth do—is the very best way to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Our ancestors resorted to eating only plants during times of drought or illness, not by choice, and always returned to a mixed diet in order to get the entire palette of nutrients that humans evolved to need. And yes, despite what this film infers, the science is clear: Its line went extinct.

From Genius to Madness

The Homo erectus line survived in large part due to a varied diet that included meat, resulting in a large, complex, problem-solving brain. It is biologically implausible that humans evolved our large brain on a plants-only diet. Our ancestors needed meat in order to obtain all of the nutrient-dense calories, proteins, fatty acids, and vitamin B12 required for large-brain evolution and maintenance.

Confusing Ideology with Facts In summary, pro-vegan advocates, including the directors of What the Health, are confusing ideology with the facts. Yet the science is clear.


Our ancestors, including our great-grandparents, ate whole animal food along with plants—and thrived. Past humans died from infectious diseases, not cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks.

Understanding how our bodies evolved to need the nutritional collaboration of both plant and animal food is a fascinating journey—and one that every vegan or would-be vegan should undertake. Plentiful plants balanced with select amounts of highly nutritious, animal-based whole foods, like wild Alaskan salmon, wild sardines, and pastured organic eggs.

Vegans are messing with our complex dietary co-evolution with other animals and plants. It lacks complexity, credible evidence, and any real depth of understanding.

About the Author Mara Kahn, MS, is a science writer and freelance journalist who began investigating veganism after her daughter lost her formerly vibrant health on a plants-only diet.

erik vance freelance science writer

After five years of research in the nutrition and anthropological literature, Kahn published Vegan Betrayal. The book was attacked by vegan activists—and praised by reviewers who actually read it, including ex-vegans who appreciated its abundant science and testimonials.

Vegan Betrayal includes over citations from authoritative nutritional, environmental, and historical sources, along with extensive interviews and the personal stories of former vegans.Mara Kahn, MS, is a science writer and freelance journalist who began investigating veganism after her daughter lost her formerly vibrant health on a plants-only diet.

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