Different ways to write a division sentence

Does my instructor want me to compare AND contrast, or am I only being asked to do one of those things? Some instructors prefer that you only write about the differences between two things, while others want you to focus on explaining the similarities as well.

Different ways to write a division sentence

Monica is responsible for intervention to elementary-aged students and providing storytelling to children throughout the division.

She also writes a column for the Winnipeg Parent Newsmagazine to promote public awareness of speech and language.

An author of numerous speech and language programs, this is Monica's first publication with LinguiSystems. Monica and her husband Ron live in Winnipeg with their two children, Kari and Erik.

In her spare time Monica enjoys reading, traveling, and volunteering as a recruitment advisor for her chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta.

Introduction No-Glamour Sentence Structure is a flexible, picture-based program to help students develop more complicated sentence structures. The worksheets are arranged in order of complexity from simple sentences to more complex structures and negative forms.

Multiplication in two ways (multiplication is commutative)

In no way is it suggested that this is a hierarchy of the way students develop these structures. The order was established to help students increase the complexity of their structures from simple to more complex.

Each unit begins with a suggested list of sentences, followed by the individual worksheets. On each worksheet page, the complexity of the sentence is developed by the illustrations, step-by-step, until the student has verbally described each element.

The Four Kingdoms

Once all the elements of the sentence have been identified, the student can then construct a complete sentence structure. When working with a student, use a meta-cognitive modeling method to suggest appropriate structures as in the example below.

An example of modeling is provided on the first page of each unit. For most of the stimulus pages, the suggested text is written in the present tense, but you can change the text to meet the goals of individual students. The suggested text is also written with nouns.

You can change these nouns to target the use of pronouns as needed. Students with language disorders are typically not efficient auditory learners, so in working with this population, it is appropriate that we provide them with as many visual cues as possible. This program was designed with these children in mind.

The program gives them a visual strategy to build sentence structures and to practice both formulating those structures and writing them coherently. Some students may have difficulty remembering all the words in sentences.

For example, they may forget "little" words such as is, are, and who.


There are several ways you can help by providing more visual cueing. You might draw an oval link between picture frames like the example on the right. You can fill in these spaces before the student writes the sentence to remind him of the occurrence of the form, or have the student fill in the links as he writes the completed structure.

You can also give the student a piece of paper with the word printed on it so that he can manipulate the word, placing it in the appropriate spot on the page. We've provided these words for your use.

Other visual strategies are to highlight the word, write it in a different color, or draw a shape around the word. You could choose different shapes for different words to help cue the student visually.

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For example, you might draw a circle around every is, a square around every who, and a triangle around every the. My students have demonstrated a better understanding of sentence structures using this program and have gone on to use them in less structured situations.

I wish you success in building your students' use of appropriate sentence structures with the strategies suggested in No-Glamour Sentence Structure.Students will learn that division can be thought of in two ways, partitioning and measurement.

Notice that the numbers in multiplication and division sentences have special names. Expose your students to the different models and let each student choose which model is most helpful to him or her. Here is an example using counters . Finally, include a thesis sentence Here's an example of a short but effective introductory paragraph to a classification essay: but keep this basic format in mind: an introduction that identifies your subject and the different types or approaches; three (or more) body paragraphs that rely on specific details to describe or illustrate.

I attended John Scammell’s excellent 3-morning sessions on Formative Assessment at #TMC We were asked to share strategies that we may already be doing to give students feedback.

different ways to write a division sentence

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Prepare with these 16 lessons on Multiplication and division. See 16 lessons.

different ways to write a division sentence

And then they want us to write the expression three times using different ways to write multiplication. So let's do the first part. Let's write it as a multiplication expression.

write EACH division statement 3 different ways twelve divided by 3