Diary of abigail williams

Diagnosis of breast cancer[ edit ] InNabby was diagnosed with breast cancer. On October 8,a mastectomy was performed by John Warren. Her mother, husband, and daughter, Caroline, were also on hand to assist. The surgery[ edit ] The exact details of the surgery are not known but it was described as a typical 19th century operation.

Diary of abigail williams

Abigail Williams July 12, — c.

Diary of abigail williams

October was one of initial accusers in the Salem witch trialswhich led to the arrest and imprisonment of more than innocent people suspected of witchcraft. Williams was twelve years old at the time, and she was living with her uncle Samuel Parris in Salem after Native Americans killed her parents during a raid.

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According to eyewitness Rev. Deodat Lawsonshe and Betty began to have fits in which they ran around rooms flailing their arms, ducking under chairs, and trying to climb up the chimney. It is claimed that her body contorted into apparently impossible positions. Samuel Parris decided to call in a doctor to determine whether or not these afflictions were medical.

William Griggs had difficulty understanding the actions of the two young girls. He believed that it was not a medical issue and suggested that it must be witchcraft.

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The theory was that the dog would exhibit similar symptoms if Abigail and Betty were bewitched, and it would prove that witchcraft was indeed being practiced. Three women were arrested for suspicion of witchcraft on February 29, Sarah GoodSarah Osborneand Tituba herself.

Sarah Good was hanged and Sarah Osborne died in prison. Tituba was released from jail a year later, when Rev. Samuel Parris paid her fees for release. Caporael [8] put forward the hypothesis that these strange symptoms may have been caused by ergotismthe ingestion of fungus-infected rye.

This explanation has not been widely accepted. It was released by Cuca Records. Vintage, Retrieved March 16, The Social Origins of Witchcraft.

Harvard University Press, pp.

Diary of abigail williams

Harvard University Press, p. Witchcraft in Early North America.

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Northeastern University Press, pp. Baker, A Storm of Witchcraft: Oxford University Press,Abigail Williams was one of the first afflicted girls in the Salem Witch Trials.. Despite the fact that she was one of the main accusers during the Salem Witch Trials, not much is known about Abigail Williams before or even after the trials ended.

Abigail Williams (July 12, – c. October ) was one of initial accusers in the Salem witch trials, which led to the arrest and imprisonment of more than innocent people suspected of witchcraft. Salem Witch lausannecongress2018.com town: Salem, Massachusetts.

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She was the daughter of Sir Henry Clere, Bt, and the separated wife of John Cromwell alias Williams, third son of Sir Oliver Cromwell. Her husband, a cousin of the Protector, had been a soldier in the Dutch service and had parted company with her c.

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