Assessment and child

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Assessment and child

Contact Us Assessment The Westcoast Child Development Group provides a number of assessment services that use standardized testing materials, multiple sources, and sound clinical judgement.

Assessment and child

West Coast professionals are fully trained in various comprehensive assessment techniques and in the interpretation of the results. Each assessment is individually tailored to the specific referral question and results are shared with educators or mental health professionals at the request of the family.


Each report is accompanied by a number of specific and detailed recommendations tailored to meet the needs of the learner. Psychoeducational Assessments This form of assessment is seen as an integral part of a comprehensive learning plan. Standardized measurement tools are used to chart the performance of each learner and compare him or her to their same-age peers.

Autism Spectrum Assessment Following the provincial guidelines, our Psychologists use the recommended standardized assessment and clinical observation and tools.

Assessing Parenting - AAPI

At the Westcoast Child Development Group, we specialize in autism assessments for children between the ages of For information on autism assessments of adults please visit www.child care staff health assessment (55 pa.

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Assessment and child

Description. The CAPS-CA-5 is a item clinician-administered PTSD scale based upon DSM-5 criteria for children and adolescents ages 7 and above. It is a modified version of the CAPS-5 that includes age appropriate items and picture response options.

Your child support assessment.

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Find out about child support formula assessments, child support reviews, how much you might pay or receive, what to do if you disagree and how the formula works for back-year assessments. Now available in paper for the first time, this volume brings together leading contributors to provide a comprehensive review of theory, research, and practice in child and adolescent personality Howard M.

Knoff. Assessment and evaluation will provide a neutral atmosphere for both parents to discuss their children's needs for the present and future. It is an opportunity to develop a .

Find resources to assist in each step of the child protection process, strategies for responding to each type of child maltreatment, and ways to prevent the recurrence of child maltreatment.

Extended Assessment Program (EA) - Child and Family Focus