Around the world women are on the move richard rodriguez

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Around the world women are on the move richard rodriguez

Mom and daughter at a community health center outside Dhaka, Bangladesh.


It is an opportune moment to reflect and continue the conversation on demographic trends that I started through my blog on fertility decline last month. No doubt fertility levels in Lesotho are still high, underscoring the importance of accessible contraception for women.

By halving its fertility rate from a high of 6. Inwe wrote about how Bangladesh achieved its successes in fertility decline and other attendant outcomes, in a report on gender and social transformation in the country.

We noted that a robust family planning program provided door-step delivery of contraceptives to women who had traditionally been in seclusion. Female health workers, specifically recruited and trained for the purpose, went house to house, educating women and distributing contraceptives.

As a result, the use of contraception in Bangladesh rose from a mere 8 percent in to over 61 percent in These groups were a ready vehicle for the dissemination of the idea of smaller families, contraceptive use and peer learning. Access to birth control gives women more than control over their fertility — it gives them control over their lives and it gives them choice.

The government also implemented other programs in tandem — all with the objective of overall improvement in human development. For example, a successful immunization program kept children healthier and their mothers freer.

Around the world women are on the move richard rodriguez

A total sanitation drive that had salutary impact on health, hygiene and privacy. A drive against diarrhea was undertaken partly to control epidemics that followed extreme weather events like floods and cyclones that — unfortunately a regular feature in Bangladesh. The catastrophic famine of for instance, was a turning point in social policy.

Fromfamine prevention emerged as a policy priority and led, among other things, to investments in rural infrastructure, that served as social safety nets during the lean season or during natural disasters.

As a result, the country developed a large network of rural roads. This meant women could now travel to secure healthcare, education and markets. The partnership made for the successes which Bangladesh builds upon today, and from which Lesotho, Uganda and fragile states can learn.June 12, Discussion following presentation by Richard Rodriguez RICHARD RODRIGUEZ: This is the part of the meeting that's more interesting to me than to you because I can find out how much of this makes any sense to you.

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Birth Name: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.

Around the world women are on the move richard rodriguez

Date of Birth: July 27, Ethnicity: Dominican Republic Alex Rodriguez is an American professional baseball player. His parents are Dominican. He was born in the.

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