Appex corp. engineering management problems essay

Organization Structure and control are one of the basic and more important function for a company.

Appex corp. engineering management problems essay

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Business plans 4 pages, words 1. Following were the challenges which Ghosh faced when he joined Appex: All other employees were only involved in developing and selling products. Evaluate the importance of each of the structural changes Ghosh implemented with respect to importance, problems resolved, and problems created; a start-up, 2 circular, 3 functional, 4 teams, and 5 divisional.

As the company was rapidly growing and there was a need for organizational structure change, Ghosh started by implementing innovative structures.

Appex corp. engineering management problems essay

There were a series of problems and limitations that followed after each structural change in the organization and hence Ghosh kept on implementing new structures to address the issues at each level.

It was a non-hierarchical structure with continuous and free flow of information within the organization and with the environment customers Problems Addressed: Introduction of a flat structure with defined roles and less chaotic atmosphere 2. Improvement in coordination, integration and planning over the earlier Problems Created or persistent: There was a mentality developed that the customer was the enemy 3.

It was aligned with responsiveness but had no accountability for planning and the task s that required planning were not get done b Horizontal Structure — The traditional, vertical organization chart turned on its side Importance: It was a non-hierarchical structure in which employees could fit themselves Problems Addressed: Employees could now relate themselves with the new structure 2.

It was similar to traditional organization structure with clarity of responsibilities and reporting structure Problems Created or persistent: A knowledgeable mentor could have helped the team get passed many of the amateur problems they faced.

There were still disagreements between Sasha, Henry Having a team created from many different schools of thought can be an There was a lack of authority and control because of which employees were not responsive II Hierarchical, Functional Structure a Stage 1 — Functions were organized as teams in Feb.

It was a more broadly classified structure with clearly defined functions and a division of teams that had better hierarchy and flow of authority. It provided clarity of responsibilities and authority across different functions 2.

The structure succeeded in focusing the company on completing tasks 3. It accounted for a greater degree of control Problems Created or persistent: Confusion in defining the functions — How many distinct functions should be created, should marketing be a part of sales, should there be separate finance, human resource and accounting teams, etc.

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Confusion in assigning new management roles — Who should head each of the teams, could the same management personnel handle the responsibilities with the rapid growth of company, etc.

Horizontal reporting structure of the functions displeased the Board of Directors. The board wanted a traditional hierarchical structure.He established two wide divisions or concerns: Inter-carrier Servicess (ICS) and Cellular Management Information Systems (IS) Importance: Appex’s merchandise could be divided into one of these two concerns.

A separate Operations division could serve both the concerns with public-service corporation maps. Problems Addressed: 1. Free Essay: MEM Engineering Management Problems Assignment 2 Ileana Rodriguez January 27, “Appex Corp.” 1.

What were the challenges that Appex CEO. Appex Co. Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: Management. 1 page, words. The Essay on The kidney’s structure, functions, and what controls these functions in the gradient: salt and urea.

Would all the changes Ghosh made make sense if Appex were an engineering organization? Why and why not? Yes, every organization need to be. The Essay on Business Ethics A Philosophical View Money And Mea The Business plan on Appex Corp.

– Engineering Management Problems business's liability ends with the recycler.

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Appex Corporation offers two clearly defined lines of products – Intercarrier Services (ICS) and Cellular Management Information Systems (IS) – which experience steady demands from a broad range of customers.

Also, it holds long-lasting contracts with these large-scale customers in North America, further stabilizing Appex’s position in the environment.

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