Aaa mental model mindsets paper

Discuss how do these models influence your decision making? A fictional scenario places me in a human resources management team for AAA Transportation. A proposal has been made for the company to start transporting nonperishable goods, which is causing resistance from two key employees, Vernon and Bud. Bud is a manager at the corporate office and he is resistant to change because he believes the company is not strong enough to compete with other nonperishable services in the marketplace.

Aaa mental model mindsets paper

Joseph Muccianti Running head: For the most part people are usually resistant to change and prefer the comfort of familiarity. Unfortunately, in the processes of business change is an inevitable part of the business culture.

In this paper two employees who are resistant to change will be highlighted and analyzed. Time, careful integration and conditioning are processes Aaa mental model mindsets paper the steps that a person must go through.

This is to allow him or her time to adjust to changes and to be able to give the individual the natural ability to recognize the need for the change. This obscurement is a result of their comfort with their current routine.

Even though the company is not a leader in the industry of nonperishable goods transporting, there is an excellent opportunity which could benefit the shareholders of the company. Bud might not have fully understood the fallout of this acquisition and as a result he became opposed to the idea of change that would be made to the current business model that he was already accustomed to.

The best course of action for Bud would be to challenge his current mental mindset and test it up against the new business model in order to determine which mental model is the more effective one for the company.

For the third step, one must conquer inhibitors to change. There is the possibility that some or much of the structure that is already implemented would give Vernon and Bud valid reasoning to resist change.

An example of this could be a system of rewards that may prevent the two individuals in question from being willing to accept change due to the fact that it could impact compensation.

It is the responsibility of management to create positive reinforcement for staff to give reassurance that new change can and will be a beneficial opportunity for individuals. The last step in the change process is to react swiftly on new mental models and to search out opportunities for areas that require improvement "Creating Earthquakes To Change Organizational Mindsets", After the mindset of Vernon and Bud has been changed it is imperative to put their changed mindsets into action.

The best way to do this is to involve them in the change process and then reward them for their efforts. This will permanently alter their view and feelings towards the newly established business model which will give them the opportunity to excel in the changed environment.

Mental Model/ Mindsets Paper Essay Sample

In order to maximize the affect however they should be utilized in combination with one another. Generally, it will be best to begin with education in order to inform individuals of the different benefits related to change.

Moving on from this point, managers will find that it is most effective to utilize training along with personal influences in order to give staff the tools required to create change effectively. The following step should be the use of a reward system in order to provide the motivation to retain changes made for the simple reason that it is what will be in the best interest of the individual.

It should be noted that reward systems may be either intrinsic or financial rewards, this depends on the situation. After an individual has had a personal experience with a positive experience with change they will be more likely to develop a positive mental mindset.

When these five forces are utilized in conjunction with one another they can create a powerful and influential hold on ones mental mindset in the working environment. Mental Models Effecting Vernon and Bud With the accusation of the new company and the business model of the company changing Vernon and Bud are being put into a situation that demands change, however, they were not given adequate supporting influence to be able to change their mindsets.

HR's Most Important Task", If the two gentlemen in this scenario had been given a little more insight to the benefits of the merger then they may have been more welcoming to the change, thus improving AAA Transportations ability to succeed in the non-perishable goods transportation market. The author of this paper tries to always keep an open mind but at the same time finds difficulty in dealing with change mostly due to mindsets.

Technology is constantly improving and evolving at an exponential pace.

Aaa mental model mindsets paper

It is imperative for businesses to seek innovation and to implement it in order to stay relevant and competitive. Conclusion In conclusion, the mental mindset that an individual has is a very important part of the health of an organization.

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The resistance that was shown by Vernon and Bud displays that even good employees can have hindered abilities when it comes to changing mental mindsets. By utilizing the four steps that were highlighter earlier in this paper can help staff to achieve change that is beneficial to all involved.

HR's Most Important Task. The Power of Impossible Thinking.Search Results for 'oi mental model mindset aaa' Mental Models Paper As an employee of AAA Transportation working in the Human Resources department it is part of the expected job duties to find ways to ensure all employees are working.

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Search. Mental Model/Mindsets. Mental Model/Mindsets Change is something that happens every day in the life of any individual; accept these changes depend on the way of thinking of each individual and its mental models. It is common that there are people who resist changes it. Five Forces that Influence Mental Models/Mindsets MENTAL MODEL/MINDSET PAPER 4 There are five forces in which mental models/mindsets are influenced.

These five forces include education, training, influence, reward, and personal experience (Wind, Crook, & Gunther, ). Mental Model/Mindsets Paper Wiletra Brittian 0I/ Sunday, January 25, y Sharmieka Rountree AAA is a transportation company that has been an industry leader in the transports of goods and services, currently the company is planning on innovation and expansion for a more competitive edge.

Mental Model/Mindsets Paper. Paper instructions: Individual Mental Model/Mindsets Paper Assume you work in Human Resources as a part of the management team for AAA Transportation in Waukegan, WI, which has recently been acquired. Mental Model/ Mindsets Paper Essay Sample.

AAA Transportation wants to move forward with their proposed idea, and examples of the four steps to changing mental model mindsets and the five forces that influence them have been provided to the management team.

Aaa mental model mindsets paper

It is the responsibility of management to determine if they should keep Vernon and.

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